About Us


Encore NEO is dedicated to helping people over the age of 50 (Encores) design and build new careers and lifestyles around the things that inspire them.

Encore NEO's goal is to help people overcome emotional, skill, and income challenges while they craft Encore careers and lifestyles that provide:

Key to Encore NEO’s mission is providing a supportive community where Encores can meet, interact, learn, connect with resources, and connect with each another to brainstorm solutions and celebrate successes.  

Encore NEO offers weekly in-person gatherings where people engage in shoulder-to-shoulder, collaborative efforts to help them overcome challenges they did not expect, discover possibilities they never imagined, and advance their individual goals.


Annette Scavone

"No matter what your reasons, if you're over 50, seeking meaningful employment and need some guidance, check out Encore NEO!"

"We are caring, thoughtful, and quite frankly, awesome folks, and we can't wait to help you move your story forward"

When Annette discovered Encore NEO she was struggling to get back into environmental engineering after stepping away to care for an aging parent for several years.  She had spent a lot of money and time on resumes and job searches, assuming companies were just waiting to hire her, only to be met with silence or rejection.  Meanwhile, cash reserves dwindled.

Encore NEO helped Annette understand that traditional job search methods don't work for people over age 50.  With coaching and encouragement, Annette:

Annette says the process wasn't easy, and some of it was scary!  But she followed up on every suggestion the Encore NEO Community offered.

Within a few months, Annette began working with an environmental engineering consultant referred to her by an Encore NEO contact.  Shortly thereafter, she was assisting three environmental engineering consultants and had become an insurance agent to supplement her income.  Today Annette is happily employed in a full-time environmental engineering position.