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 Reimagining 50 Plus

Sustainable Income - Meaningful Work - Flexibility - Civic Engagement - Legacy

We help people age 50+ design and build new careers and lifestyles
around the things that inspire them

 Overcome the challenges you did not expect, and -
Discover opportunities you never imagined!

Get Involved - Stay Engaged

The Big Idea in Four Minutes!

We are living longer. Lots of us. 

This short video describes how this demographic shift is compelling us to question core assumptions about aging, work, and how we define the chapters of our lives.


 Redefining Work and Retirement

Join our community of people over age 50 who connect, learn, and support each other
as we explore new career and lifestyle opportunities.

Every Monday Morning
(Holidays excepted)


Bainbridge Branch, Geauga County Public Library
17222 Snyder Rd, Chagrin Falls, OH  44023

Email EncoreNEO50@gmail.com to learn more.

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