Why Encore NEO

We help people over age 50 overcome challenges they didn't expect. . .

Encore NEO is passionate about the work it does.

We have seen the panicked faces of people over age 50 who have lost their jobs – often abruptly and after many years of service – and are quickly spending down financial reserves. They don’t know how to navigate a job market that is vastly different for people over age 50. And they don’t know where to turn for help.

We also know that people are living longer. Some are not ready to “retire” at age 65. Others want to pursue new endeavors. All have much to contribute to society. And many need to continue to earn an income to maintain their desired quality of life.

. . . and discover possibilities they never imagined!

That’s why we are committed to helping people over age 50 build new careers around the things that inspire them. We help them clarify their passions, articulate the value they offer, and build a plan to obtain satisfying work and financial stability.

Along the way, they become part of the Encore NEO community. And together, we help them overcome challenges they did not expect and discover possibilities they never imagined.