Vivian Milller


“Encore NEO has given me a life education in how to navigate the unemployment landscape and 'hire the right employer.' I learned how to manage myself, my finances, and my job-seeking efforts and now have position I love.

"Thank you, Encore NEO, for your input and guidance. I am happier than I have even been with a career choice.”

Vivian's first encounter with Encore NEO was in an advisory capacity while she was working at an organization in the career transition field. When that organization closed, Vivian found herself unemployed and, despite the knowledge she had accumulated as a career transition professional, she was clueless when trying to decide which direction to pursue next. Meanwhile, financial debt was bearing down on her.

Through Encore NEO, Vivian acquired a plethora of information about career transition that she had not previously been exposed to. Encore NEO opened her eyes to opportunities she had never considered and instilled a clarity of purpose. And learning how to "hire the best employer” infused a sense of empowerment.

Today, Vivian is an office administrator at Renaissance Unity Church and enjoys a good salary, flexible hours, a boss who respects her and appreciates her work, and the freedom to make decisions using the life experiences she has acquired. With Encore NEO’s help, she has also turned her passion for quilting into a business creating and selling one-of-a-kind quilted bags. And she continues her side hustle as a wedding officiant. Not least of all, Vivian is now debt-free.