Value Encores Offer

Encore NEO shows Encores the value they can offer to the workforce. And the opportunities that value can unveil.

Baby Boomers are retiring at a fast clip and taking with them decades of accumulated knowledge and experience. Employers find it increasingly difficult to hire good replacements.  Encores can ease the transition with flexible work arrangements including:

  • remaining employed in part-time positions,
  • being rehired as contractors for project work, and
  • transferring their knowledge through mentoring relationships with younger employees.

Encores, with flexible work schedules, can help businesses meet spikes in demand due to seasonal conditions or unpredictable market dynamics.

Encores can help employers do more with less. With their long work histories, maturity, and better interpersonal skills, they can  jump in and do what is required with less management oversight and provide a stabilizing presence in workgroups and teams. And many do not require health benefits.

Encores are often driven by a greater sense of purpose and a passion for making a difference. They can offer wide-ranging perspectives and be a valuable resource for engagement in social issues.