Unique Responsibilities Encores Must Accept

Re-Imagining Ourselves

Along with the usual emotional and psychological issues that accompany any major life-stage shift, this midlife transition offers the intimidating opportunity for a total reset. “If I really get to choose, what would I like to do?”  “What would I be good at?”  “How will I know?”

Acquiring New Skills

With re-careering comes the need for new knowledge and skills. No- or low-cost resources abound through local institutions and online providers. Encores must find the resources that adequately address their unique challenges to help them develop the skills they need to craft meaningful careers and financially sustainable lifestyles.

Creating Opportunities that Work

We’ve been programmed to believe that the only way to support ourselves is by “getting a job.” You know, the kind where we just show up and someone tells us what to do. In return, they pay a decent wage, plus benefits, so we have enough to get by week after week with two weeks’ vacation, some sick time allowance, and some holidays off. Meaningful work in a respectful environment, with opportunities for growth, the kind of flexibility we desire at our stage of life, and a financially sustainable income – these are the things that we can aspire to if we open our minds to them.

Our willingness to re-imagine work opens the door to a buffet of options which include:

  • Independent work,
  • Working from home,
  • Freelancing, or
  • Starting a small business, social enterprise, or non-profit.

Finding Pathways to Financial Sustainability

Encores need to become financially literate. There are a wide range of resources to explore the basic mindsets, principles, and practices that will help them make the best choices for their financial futures.