Tim Lybarger



"Encore NEO continues to sustain my journey to a better future.

"My life today is not what I envisioned all those years ago. It is so much better.

"Thank you, Encore NEO"



Tim’s last visit to corporate headquarters in L.A. involved a meeting with his new manager. Looking back, he says, he should have seen the signs, but he honestly expected that he would be offered a raise. His evaluations confirmed his good performance and he thought there were many exciting challenges ahead.

Instead, as he walked into the conference room, Tim was greeted by the HR Manager and a severance agreement. Tim was given two days to review the agreement and make his decision. Either accept a generous severance package and sign away his legal rights or accept the risky prospect of challenging his separation on the grounds of ageism. Tim was 55 years old and had been with the company for 10 years.

Tim says no words can describe the emotional and financial rollercoaster he experienced in the ensuing years – a series of hopeful false starts based on the firm conviction that “this time” they would surely recognize his experience and abilities and gladly hire him for a fair reward, followed by crushing self-doubt and a feeling of despair when he received rejection letters or simply no response at all to his applications.

The spring of 2014 was a turning point. Realizing that he was not alone in this nightmare scenario of crafting a new career after the age of 50, Tim and a small group of people founded Encore NEO. Beginning as a small support group, the organization has grown in knowledge and numbers.

Much of the core group still exists. They have learned that the place of security they once believed in no longer exists – if it ever did. Now, they meet weekly to help each other regain their footing and keep their eyes and actions focused on the next best steps to take, one step at a time, to realize futures that are better than anything they could have imagined.