Encore NEO believes that Encores, with their varied life experiences, can be resources for each other. That is why the Encore NEO HUB™ offers a physical gathering place for Encores to meet, interact, support each other, learn, connect with resources, and discover pathways for their encore careers.

Encore NEO hosts several weekly programs at:

The Federated Family Life Center
16349 Chillicothe Rd
Bainbridge, OH 44023

Encore Resources, many of which are used in Encore NEO’s programs, are organized in the following categories:

Transition/Education – Learning new skills

  • Chart a New Course
  • Technical Skills
  • Social and Emotional Skills:  Managing self and relationship with others effectively

Connect to Work – A New Career

  • Traditional Employment:  The Job Search
  • Independent Work:  Options for freelancing and contracting
  • Business Ownership:  Enabling Encore Entrepreneurialism

Connect to Community – Giving Back

  • Civic Engagement
  • Volunteerism
  • Social Enterprise

Life Management – Your well-being

  • Financial Wellness
  • Optimal Health
  • Housing and Transportation