Pathway to a New Future

Encore NEO provides a pathway for Encores to transition to a new future.  The journey begins with Encores taking responsibility for moving their transition forward and navigating the following realities:

In addition to the emotional and psychological issues that normally accompany major life-stage shifts, Encores are confronted with the opportunity for a total reset. That can be intimidating. “If I really get to choose, what would I like to do?”  “What would I be good at?”  “How will I know?” 

Too many people believe that the only way to support themselves is by “getting a job.”  The kind where they show up and someone tells them what to do, and in return, they receive a decent wage plus benefits. Enough to get by week after week with two weeks’ vacation, some allowance for sick time, and some holidays off.

Encore NEO helps Encores re-imagine work options so they may find work that provides meaningful work in a respectful environment, opportunities for growth, flexibility, and a sustainable income.

Some re-imagined work options include:

  • working from home,
  • independent work – consulting or freelancing, and
  • starting a small business, social enterprise, or non-profit.

Emerging trends in technology have created entire new industries. Some Encores embrace technology and are jumping on board the internet-enabled sharing economy.

Other Encores dislike the loss of individual control and independence associated with high-tech. They are crafting new careers that emphasize quality over quantity, a return to simplicity, and more control over their lives.

Re-careering frequently demands the acquisition of new knowledge and skills. No- or low-cost resources abound through local institutions and online providers. Encores need to find the resources that best fit their needs. 

Encores need to explore diverse resources to acquire financial literacy and determine the principles and practices that are best suited for them to achieve financial sustainability.