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Financial Wellness

  • The Cashflow Quadrant: Rich Dad’s Guide to Financial Freedom by Robert Kiyosaki. Paradise Valley, AZ: TechPress, 1999 – Written for those who are ready to move beyond job security, Robert Kiyosaki shares how some people work less, earn more, pay less in taxes, and learn to become financially free.
  • Mad Fientist:  The Science of Financial Independence – The Financial Independence Podcast and Financial Independence and Early Retirement Blog  provide personal finance advice and tax-avoidance methods to achieve financial independence.  LEARN MORE >>
  • Mr. Money Mustache – These blog posts focus on new ways to think about and enjoy money to achieve a lifestyle that is free from having to work and costs up to 75% less.  LEARN MORE >>
  • Personal Finance Series by Richard Reis  – Richard Reis shares insights gleaned from multiple and varied sources on how to master money – how to save it, how to invest it, and how to make it – in this series of 55 blog posts.  LEARN MORE >>
  • Pogue’s Basics: Money: Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) About Beating the System by David Pogue. New York: Flatiron Books, 2016. This book, the third in Pogue’s New York Times bestselling series, shows that information is money. Each of Pogue’s 150 simple tricks and tips for saving and making money includes an estimate of the money you could make or save. And none requires a big time commitment or big change in your lifestyle.
  • The Simple Path to Wealth: Your Road Map to Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life by J. L. Collins, Self-published, 2016 – Managing and investing money is approachable, simple, and powerful in J. L. Collins’ easy-to-read, and often humorous, book.

Optimal Health

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Housing and Transportation

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