Encore Career Accelerator Program

“Encore Career Accelerator Programs (ECAPS)” 

Each ECAP consists of weekly 2-hour sessions on Thursday mornings, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. over eight to ten weeks.
Charting a New Course (New session starts June 3, 2019)
Lost a job, retired and bored, or just off course with your current job? This program will help you develop a pathway to a new career
Required Resource: Business Model You: A One-Page Method for Reinventing Your Career, by Tim Clark in collaboration with Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur
Getting to Financial Independence  (New session starts July 8, 2019)
Learn how to save, invest, and earn your way to true retirement. At the point of financial independence, you don’t have to work again.
Required Resource: The Simple Path to Wealth, by JL Collins
Exploring Self-employment  (New session starts August 5, 2019)
Independent work may be the most viable pathway to financial security. This program shows you everything you need to know to work for yourself.
Required Resource: The Freelancer’s Bible, by Sara Horowitz
Winning Clients (New Session starts October 10, 2019)
Independent work offers the kind of freedom and flexibility we crave at our stage in life—if we approach it the right way. This ECAP offers six straight-forward steps to getting unlimited clients and achieving financial freedom. Required Resource: The Irresistible Consultant's Guide to Winning Clients, by David A. Fields
Principled Negotiation (Launching April 1, 2019)
This ECAP provides the process, steps, and skills developed by the Harvard Negotiation Project to help you get what you want while, at the same time, improving the quality of relationships with your employer and/or clients.
Required Resource: Getting To Yes, by Roger Fisher and William Ury
Preparing for the Age 50+ Job Search (Launching April 29, 2019)
Yes, the job search process IS different for those age 50 and older. Acquire skills and tactics to overcome many of the obstacles older job-seekers face.
Breaking the Chain of Financial Desperation
Your expense outflows exceed your income and things are looking bleak. Learn how to break the downward finanical spiral.
Developing Mindsets for Success
Success is created twice—first in the mind, then in the outside world. Develop practices to keep focused on what you need to do to achieve success.
Thursdays, 10:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.
Geauga County Public Library Newbury Station Branch
14775 Auburn Rd, Newbury Township, OH 44065
Program Fees:
You may observe any of our onsite programs at no cost.
Encore NEO members ($40/month) are entitled to:
  • Full participation during all programs,
  • Access to program materials,
  • Access to the secure Members Only section of the Encore NEO website. and  
  • The Encore NEO Playbook Binder to help you set goals, track progress and retain valuable program notes.


Encore NEO works with age 50+ women and men who are seeking to achieve financial security, and to develop purpose and meaning in their later years.