Dave Waldorf


“I encourage other 'boomers' to try the Encore NEO programming.  You will meet others who will understand what you are dealing with and be able to share experiences. And the best part? You will have fun doing it!”

Dave got involved with Encore NEO after leaving his former career of 40 years. Not quite ready to “retire” as that is historically defined, Dave sought to supplement his income as well as find a new direction for his life. He felt lost and needed a “new purpose” going forward.
Guided by Encore NEO programming, Dave found part-time work ("gigs") to supplement his fixed income. He learned how to create a personal business model and developed a “portfolio” of income generating activities as well as volunteer service.  He started a blog, wrote and published a book, and became proficient in various social media platforms – all of which he learned through Encore NEO.  
Today, Dave lives in Arizona where he serves as a Governing Council member and facilitates classes for the Prescott AZ Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI). He is a volunteer fundraiser for the local public library, and has been a continuous member of the Encore NEO Board since 2016.  Volunteerism has continued to be a key part of his “new purpose” in life.