Core Values

Encore NEO operates on the following core values and beliefs. . .

The Encore Profile

Members of the Encore NEO community are those who have reached, or are contemplating the second halves of their lives (generally age 50 and above) and are motivated to pursue one or more of the following goals:

  • To find a new job – for those who are currently employed as well as those in transition.
  • To explore a new career focus or volunteer opportunity.
  • To earn income to support their current or future lifestyle.
  • To remain active through employment and/or community involvement.
  • To achieve and maintain their desired lifestyle.

Non-Political and Mutually Respectful

Our efforts are not aligned with any particular political party, belief system, or ideology. Nor do we advocate for any particular prescription as the best way to meet the needs of the growing Encore demographic. We welcome participation of any person or organization that wishes to contribute productively to our mission.

We want to avoid controversies that might divide us or distract our focus. Those who wish to join us must agree to respect others’ beliefs and opinions and to conscientiously avoid speaking of others in derisive or derogatory terms.

Personal Responsibility

Every individual has the potential and responsibility to lead and maintain a productive life. Age discrimination is real and it blocks us from certain opportunities. But we are in a place in our lives where we have much to offer and we should be making the decisions on where and how to offer it. We don’t waste our time, energy, and attention pushing ourselves on those who see age as a disadvantage. Instead, we actively pursue those who recognize the value of what we have to offer, age aside.

Mutually Supportive Community

Working together as a community to support individual career goals is essential to individual success. We learn from each other and help each other.

Total Development

Active and continuous development and management of body, mind, and spirit are essential to achieve career and lifestyle goals.

Contribution to the Greater Good

We believe that in the second half of life, there should be a significant personal focus on contribution and legacy. This includes consideration about how we can make a positive difference for other in our communities.

Individual Member Commitment

Individual members support the Encore NEO purpose and core beliefs and participate in Encore NEO programs.

Members also:

  • Actively support fellow members in achieving their career and lifestyle goals,
  • Share accumulated life skills and knowledge,
  • Pro-actively participate in the Encore NEO career network, and
  • Pay monthly dues.

Corporate and Professional Partner Commitment

Corporate and professional members develop a synergistic relationship with Encore NEO. Partners:

  • Support Encore NEO purpose and beliefs,
  • Avoid the overt promotion of their services for their own benefit,
  • Sponsor events,
  • Provide expert resources, and
  • Make a financial contribution.