Annette Scavone

Board Secretary


Annette Scavone rediscovered her calling as an Environmental Engineer after working with Encore NEO for only a matter of months. She came to Encore NEO after caring for an aging parent for years and relocating to Geauga County from Cleveland. Not being satisfied with crafting a return to engineering, she and her landscaper husband settled onto a few acres of property with lots of trees and a travel trailer to live in during a complete home rehab.
Annette earned a Bachelor’s in Science in Chemical Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, with minors in Psychology and Business.  She started as a Quality Control Engineer with Eveready Battery, transitioned into being the Environmental Coordinator at the plant, and was then promoted to Eveready Corporate as a Senior Environmental Engineer to guide twelve plants. A lifelong learner, Annette has had bookkeeping, tax preparation, insurance, securities, and real estate in her portfolio. When her alter ego wanted something more creative, her search for natural health alternatives led her to obtaining a Doctorate in Naturopathy in 2012.
An avid blogger about life in a trailer (, Annette has embraced her many interests and uses them all as she moves forward into Encore-preneurship. Her involvement with Encore NEO’s community showed her how to better  focus her attention and build relationships. Her willingness to put herself forward earned her the name of “The Bulldog” within the group because she followed up on every lead. Annette is now happily partnering with two established environmental firms in Northeast Ohio and is proud to have been elected to the Board of Directors of Encore NEO.